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Variable Measure Meat System
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Inherently, meat and poultry products come in all sizes and require weight as the measure to base the price on. With no pre-defined weight, variable measure products require different classifications and processes than fixed measure products. The VMMEAT® System was developed exclusively to handle variable measure meat and poultry products with no influence from other segments or product types.


The VMMEAT® System schema integrates Global Product Code (GPC) standards and emulates the anatomical structure of meat and poultry products. The dictionary-based system provides characterization and attributes for all commercial and technical processes required for meat and poultry. Product authentication in the system is ensured by thorough definitions and strict governing rules.

Ongoing Updates

Meat Solutions, Inc. is tuned into the specialized needs of the meat and poultry industries. As changes evolve in meat and poultry, enhancements are made to the VMMEAT® System.

U.S. Focused

The VMMEAT® system includes a repository of U.S. regulations and standards used for identification, labeling, and tracking of variable measure meat and poultry products. The U.S. regulations and standards are harmonized with GPC and GS1 barcode standards which provide the foundation for the VMMEAT® system.

VMMEAT Homepage